Conquer Other (Virtual) Dimensions With These 6 LED-Lit Keyboards


These 6 LED-lit gaming keyboards are every gamers’ delight!

We’ve compiled a list of some wicked LED gaming keyboards, that are functional, affordable and gives you all the backlight to make it a hella lot easier for you to type and find the right keys when playing in the dark… plus some of these options come with a mouse as well. URM winner, winner chicken dinner!

6. This LED Ajazz keyboard is compact, mechanical and comes with RGB modes… what more could a gamer possibly want in life?!

Plus you can press FN KEY + F8 and change the lights on your keyboard to any of the 50 settings.

Promising review:

“I’ve been looking for a small budget mechanical keyboard and this fit the bill perfectly. These are black switches, so they’re not clicky like the blues. The layout is comfortable to type on for its size, and the font on the keycaps are legible and clear. Switches are plate mounted, so switches should be easy to swap out in the future. Passed n-key rollover test. Pleasantly surprised with this keyboard.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 115.

5. This LED Keyboard and Gaming Mouse are super easy to operate and are designed to be anti-skid, non-slip and waterproof!

Promising review:

“Super product and especially looks great in gaming videos when led lights are turned on :). mouse sensitivity is great as well.”

Buy keyboard and mouse set from Amazon for AED 38.

4. This Rechargeable Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Duo have received some ravingggg reviews with its anti-ghosting, wireless, ergonomic design and other such wow-features

Promising review:

“This gaming keyboard and mouse combo work great. kind of wish the backlit keys were programmable, but don’t overlook the fact that this is the only wireless backlit gaming keyboard and mouse combo on the market, I believe. There are an only couple of other wireless backlit gaming keyboards out there, but not with a mouse combo, therefore you would have to give up an additional USB port (for the dongle) and purchase a separate wireless mouse. The instruction manual could have been a little bit more informative though. Also, came with a Battlegrounds mouse pad, wasn’t expecting that. Not a Battlegrounds fan, but the mouse pad is kind of perfect flexible material for using in bed, which is where I use it.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 705.13.

3. If you are looking for a no-frills and affordable gaming keyboard, then go for this LED USB Wired Game Keyboard

Promising review:

“It’s got that RGB. Nine different patterns, they’re bright and can be seen under sunlight as well. Each row of keys is a different colour (You can’t change the colours) You can adjust the speed of the animation by holding down ‘FN’ and pressing the left (slow down) and right (speed up) arrow keys.
Brightness can be adjusted by holding FN and pressing Up/down arrow keys.
You can cycle between the different patterns by pressing FN + SL (second key from the top right corner).

The connector cable is braided, that’s a nice touch. Long enough to reach from a tight spot, but short enough to not make a mess. It comes with a palm rest, which isn’t very comfortable, but it gets the job done. You can also incline the keyboard by flipping down the landing gears on the back.

Overall, it’s a great value keyboard. Definitely would recommend. Would buy again, no regrets.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 95.19 (down from AED 285.21).

2. Using the fancy Wired USB Flexible Mouse and Keyboard is ridiculously easy to operate, just plug in the USB and get playing!

This gaming keyboard and mouse duo come with rainbow colour backlight effects!!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 50.

1. This Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Set come with flexible polychromatic LED lighting as well as brand new 6-speed multi-function keys

Promising review:

“I love it. Really easy to install and use, both the mouse and the keyboard. I am getting the comfort of that typing and clicking sounds that I like most about the old keyboard style.
I am not going to take this as negative, but for me, this is a blessing in disguise as the backlighting is not functioning, so, it’s just pure white no backlights while using it which is the best as I don’t want my eyes to get tired of so many lights. Thanks a lot!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 42.50.