6 Cool Must Haves That Will Make Your Next Trip Enjoyable

Noha Hatata

Planning to go on a trip soon? stay comfortable and entertained with these 6 Cool Must Haves That Will Make Your Next Trip Enjoyable

6. Get yourself a super comfy Foot Hammock with Premium Memory Foam that Reduces Swelling and Pain. use it on your next flight and arrive energised and ready to walk.

Promising Review: “Love this! Adjustable foot resting hammock. Described as for airplanes, but works great in the car as well. I’m heading on a road trip this year and this will help me relax more comfortably in the car. As a shorter person, my legs don’t reach the car floor comfortably and this adjusts nicely.”

Price : AED 176.33

5. Look good when you’ve just arrived to your destination after a long flight. This handy mini hair straightner will make your hair look fresh in just a few touch ups.  

Price : AED 142.92

4. This Bag Security Luggage tag will help you locate your luggage so you never lose anything! these tags are so useful for not only your luggage but also for camera bags and valuable things you would want to keep safe.

Promising Review: “Very nice product. Well finished, international standard and appearance. Suited for International Travelling as well as Local travelling. Can be attached to premium branded baggage. Value for money for stated purpose & for peace of mind.”

Price : AED 55.50

3. This amazing Solid Shampoo Bar And Conditioner is made of organic ingredients with honey, lavender, seaweed, and chamomile.

Promising Review: “This shampoo bar set is exactly what I am looking for! All for scents smell sooo nice! They really do not strip your hair, when I rub the bar with my hands for a few seconds it produces a lot of foam and I really feel my hair very strong, clean and soft after washing! The best part is that finally, someone thought of using eco-friendly packaging for an eco-friendly product! All package is made out of paper and inside the shampoos are also wrapped in paper!!! Definitely recommended! Will buy again!”

Price : AED 150.00


2. Relax while listening to music with this brilliant sleep mask that will also play music via Bluetooth

Price : AED 127.00

1. You’ll definitely need this 3-in-1 Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod when You travel. This gadget will help you capture all the memories you want to keep.

Promising Review: “Item is as shown in the photo. Good quality. Remote comes with battery and works well with mobile but can not be used with a go pro. Extendable rod. Size is compact so it is very handy.”

Price : AED 42.99