7 Baby Essential Products for A Smooth Travel Experience

Noha Hatata

Traveling with babies is not easy , wondering what to pack for your little one so you can have a care-free trip? here’s a list of the essential baby travelling items



1. This foldable 2 in 1 travel bed & play tent! it is perfect so your baby can nap or play on the beach so you don’t have to hold them all the time

Promising review: “I absolutely love this product. I purchased it to take my 2.5 month old camping and now I take it everywhere my daughter and I go. It’s so lightweight and compact and easy to travel with. It’s perfect for beach days, camping trips, park visits, or even to take along to other people’s homes when you go visiting. My daughter loves it and it’s made my life with a baby so much easier.”

Price : AED 345.45


2. Some comfy extra Diapers in case of surprises & travel delays , preferably the “pants” type of diapers since they are easier to change when they’re fussy

Price : AED 77.30 (AED 1.76 / Count)


3. A travel baby toiletries kit with a pouch like this amazing one that includes Baby Shampoo, Bath cream , Lotion and Baby Powder 

Price : AED 24.99


4. A soothing travel Night Light because the little ones get anxious about sleeping in new places sometimes, this night light projects lights & stars and will help your baby feel relaxed & sleepy

Price : AED 96.08


5. This Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser will help you when you have to change your baby’s diaper in awkward place. These diaper dispensers are scented so you can keep the smells under control

Price : AED 29.71


6. Some delicious baby snacks are a must if your baby is over 6 months, this tasty & nutritious snack will keep your baby occupied if they get hungry while you’re busy 

Price : AED 14.80

7.These baby food feeder with a spoon is just so handy , you can feed your baby without the hassle of using two hands and or dropping the spoon. It also comes with a fruit teething pacifier that your baby will enjoy as a popsicle on the beach!

Price : AED 59.00


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