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8 Must Have Gadgets To Take On Your Next Camping Trip

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Going out in nature is one of the most relaxing things to do in life! away from all the city buzz and lights, People love to go camping every once in a while. If you’re going on a camping trip soon check these 8 Must Have Gadgets To Take On Your Next Camping Trip


8. Start with an amazing tent that has a plenty of space like this extended 16′ X 9′ dome tent. It has multiple places to hold some of your gadgets and it can fit 9 people or 3 queen air mattresses.

Promising Review: “purchased this tent for a recent camping trip with the kids. great tent for great price! had 2 queen air mattresses with plenty of room for another plus room to keep our bags. So much space for the 4 of us, i am 5’4” and able to stand up in it. It rained a few times and we stayed dry. love the air vent at the bottom. Easy to set up but does require a couple people as it is quite large, makes it easier. A perfect first Amazon Prime purchase”

Price : AED 767.34


7. This super comfy big camping chair is one of the top rated on Amazon and people swear by how goo it is. It has a cosy head rest and a convenient cup holder.

Price : AED 372.96

6. This Camping Tent light is not only convenient for the tent but also a great gadget to keep if you love going on trips, or want to keep some emergency battery operated lights around your home.

Promising Review: “I love things that work with a battery.. I have a baby boy, and when we go to the sea and it gets super dark this gets very useful to use in his wagon”

Price : AED 19.99

5. No camping trip is complete without a campfire ! this Folding Campfire Grill & Fire Pit is a two in 1 gadget that come with a bag  to warm up from the dessert cold at night or grill some delicious food!

Promising Review: “I was slightly skeptical as to the effect of this fire because it has a relatively light construction. However, it is sturdy and well designed to take medium sized logs. The fire burns well and is well ventilated. It does drop ash through the various air holes, so a fire retardant mat or similar under the fire pit will protect the ground underneath or just catch the ash. I can easily see this fire pit being used at home as well as whilst camping.”

Price : AED 161.93


4. Keep your car in the shade while camping away from the dessert sun with this tent suitable for SUV cars.

Price : AED 143.09

3. Enjoy your camping picnics with this Waterproof Foldable Outdoor Camping Mat , sit comfortably on this mat knowing that it is easy to fold, waterproof, and sand proof. So you can sit on the wet grass or the sand without getting damp or affected.

Promising Review: “As above, it is a lovely mat, it is big and good quality and waterproof. I have a baby who spilt food all over it, all the above sellers said don’t machine wash, I was lazy and popped it into the machine on the ‘wool’ setting and it is was fine when it came out. Saying that, I’ll only use this in cases where there is a lot of mess but ideally a soapy cloth deals with any mess in future.”

Price : AED 15.00

2. Keep all your gadgets accessible, organised and away from accidents with this Camping Gear and Equipment Lanyard 16ft that Adjustable for Hanging Outdoor

Promising Review: “My camping group spends several weeks over the summer hammock camping so I purchased this to keep my items off the ground and in the trees near me. It is easy to secure to the trees. Bright colored so you can see it clearly. All the clips and hooks that are included give you plenty of options to hang your gear. It even held the weight of my favorite cast iron. The bonus lights made seeing your line in the dark perfect. It all fits easily back into the carry pouch. This is a great addition to your hiking/camping gear.”

Price : AED 165.29

1. You’ll definitely need some trusty lanterns to rely on while camping, these battery powered lights are going to be your best companion at night. 

Promising Review: “These are just what I was looking for and the space in the top is perfect to hold extra batteries. I’ve never been so excited for a power failure in my whole life. These light up a whole room and are way safer than candles. I’m really happy with this purchase.”

Price : AED 154.73


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