A Man Tried To Blackmail Two Sisters With Snapchat Pics In Abu Dhabi


A man has been prosecuted for attempting to blackmail two sisters in Abu Dhabi over Snapchat for almost AED15,000.

The sisters were victim of cyber crime as a man began blackmailing one of them by threatening to publish their private information and photos on social media if they did not pay him a sum of AED6,000. 

The women resulting to paying the man the amount before contacting authorities and beginning an investigation.

He didn’t give up

Public prosecutors were monitoring her account, from which a month later, the same man came back asking for an additional AED9,000 or else he would do what he previously stated.

Even though the man was using a fake account and advanced technology to mask his identity, the Attorney-General of Abu Dhabi and his team were able to find and bring him into custody where he will be prosecuted. 

Stay safe

Social media can sometimes be a horrible place – and thus people have been advised to be careful with the information that they share as well as the people they speak to over the internet.

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