4 Things To Do While It Rains In Abu Dhabi!

Mayar Ibrahim
things to do while it rains in abu dhabi

While it rains in Abu Dhabi and the roads flood, it’s time to get cozy in the comfort of your own home… and we know that might get a bit boring so here are 4 things you can do while it storms in the capital!

Everyone at home while it rains in Abu Dhabi

4. It’s time to break out the games!

With caution in mind, it’s crucial to heed the warnings and prioritize safety by staying indoors. However, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Gather your friends for a lively Zoom call and delve into the world of online games. So, if you’re looking for suggestions to spice up your virtual hangout, you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

All you need is a laptop or a phone to play any of these games!

Games while it rains in abu dhabi

3. Cozy up with a hot drink and binge watch your comfort movies or shows while it rains in Abu Dhabi

There’s something about the pitter patter of the rains that instantly makes someone feel calm. So, this is your chance to bundle up in your comfiest blankets with a hot cup of cocoa or tea while watching your favourite shows and movies!

2. It’s time to put that oven to use while you try out a new recipe!

If you love to bake or cook, then this is your chance to break out those skills! A rainy day out means a cozy time in and there’s no better way to pass the time than by cooking up a storm.

1. Time to dwindle your “To Be Read” list and cozy up with a good book

If you’re a bookworm who has been racking up their “To Be Read” pile then this is your time to shine! There is nothing better than curling up on your couch or bed with a good book, hot tea, and a candle burning to pass the time.

reading while it rains

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