5 Times Mohannad Bakheet Dished Out Serious Fashion Inspo On His Feed


Move aside Colin Firth because Mohannad Bakheet (@mobakheet) is here to CONQUER that dapper suit look.

Who doesn’t love to admire carefully curated OOTDs? Fashion is no simple task and pulling off outfits with confidence is an admirable talent. As you’ll shortly see, Saudi Actor and TV host at MBC, Mohannad has QUITE the reign on fashion. Here are 5 head-turning inspos from his stellar Instagram feed.

5. Just Mo Bakheet in a suit, that’s all

4. What’s better than a suit? A suit that glitters and shimmersss

3. And what’s better than a shimmery suit? A VELVET suit!

2. Mo – A man who can pull off both, formal and casual, flawlessly

1. That POWER look. Did it just get hot in here?


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