The Abu Dhabi Takeover Of Newcastle United Is Back On The Table


The Newcastle deal has been going back and fourth for a while now although, the UAE sheikh confirms that he has been ‘working diligently’ to close down the deal for Newcastle Utd.

This deal is being pushed for by Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, he is an Emirati member of the Al Nahyan ruling family of the capital – Abu Dhabi.

The statement from Bin Zayed Group, released on social media via a Dubai journalist had told the Arabian Business that:

“Both parties have worked diligently in finalising a deal, none more so than ourselves. We have completed every aspect required in a takeover process.”

The statement from Bin Zayed Group, released on social media via a Dubai journalist

The Bin Zayed Group have given a statement confirming that every aspect of the Newcastle United takeover has been completed

Back in May, the Zayed Group had come out and claimed that the company had agreed to the terms and conditions of the takeover and had consented on the £350 million deal.

The current founder of the Newcastle United team is Ashley who bought the club for AED1.6 Million (£134.4) back in 2007. Although because of the constant backlash that he received on neglecting the team and its player he had put up the club for sale three times.

Finally, Sheikh Nahyan responded to the bid and the deal to take over the Premier League football club Newcastle United will be finalized any day now.

“It’s an honor to have the opportunity to build on the strong support, history and tradition of the club.”

Sheikh Khaled, a relative of Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour

Fans had almost given up on the Newcastle United deal, but there’s still more to come folks! All good things take time.


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