A YouTuber Shared Budget Hacks Where You Still Get To Experience The BEST Of What Dubai Has To Offer


A YouTuber by the name of Lost LeBlanc shared a pretty insightful 15-minute video about Dubai.

Many often see the city as an expensive, luxurious city- most often regarded as the ultimate ‘millionaire’s playground.’

And although, we can’t deny the level of extra and lavishness of the city- this doesn’t mean there aren’t budget-friendly options for economical travelers to partake in.

Image Credits: ScreenGrab/ YouTube @lostleblanc

This YouTuber shared his tips and tricks on ensuring that travelers still get around the city like everybody else

…except with a little more heart.

Some of the tips include:

  • Cheaper transportation methods
  • Checking for hotels closer in proximity to the airport
  • Four-star hotels averaging between AED150-200 (for TWO and with breakfast)
  • Tour-guide companies that’ll take you around Dubai (and even Abu Dhabi)
  • AND more.

This is definitely worth sharing with any visiting family or friends

Anyone and everyone can enjoy all of Dubai’s incredible landscapes, activities and FOOD- for less.

Ya just gotta research, and follow through with a plan.


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