SHOCKING Footage Of A Car Going Up In The Air In An Accident Has Been Released By The Police


Each one of us is guilty of flouting one (or more) traffic rules while driving in the country.

These are very common violations and might seem innocuous even, such as not leaving enough space between vehicles, but can actually result in grave accidents.

A video recently released by the Abu Dhabi Police highlights the dangers of not following even the basic traffic rules.

The video is posted under the police’s ‘#YourComment’ initiative and shows a traffic build-up in the capital where several vehicles can be seen coming to a screeching a halt.

One particular car, which failed to leave sufficient gap between the vehicle in front of it, was unable to apply brakes on time and swerved into the shoulder lane.

As a result, the car dashed into the side of the vehicle ahead with half of its body veering up in the air.

It’s not immediately clear how many people were injured in the crash but this sight, unfortunately, has become a common occurrence in the region.

You can watch the video below:

The video was released to raise awareness among the community.


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