7 UAE-Based People Who Gave Us Endless Fitness Inspiration In 2018


You know how it is, you swear to go to the gym more frequently, run more often and eat healthier – but things don’t always go according to the plan.

You end up thinking you’ll go tomorrow; that tomorrow never comes and in the end you lose all the motivation.

The answer?

You take inspiration from seven Dubai people who are OBSESSED with fitness, and rest assured you’ll get that extra push.

1. Marcus Smith

A legend in his own right, Marcus Smith is a Dubai-based entrepreneur, motivational speaker and an extreme athlete who took on Dubai Fitness Challenge like an absolute beast. For 30 days straight, he ran 30 marathons on the streets of Dubai and inspired us to no end in 2018.

At one point, even HH Sheikh Hamdan got involved in his bid to achieve this incredible feat

2. Team Angel Wolf

The list cannot be complete without Dubai’s most inspiring family!

Team Angel Wolf is made up of Dad Nick, Mum Delphine, son Rio (who has a rare chromosome disorder called ‘1q44 deletion denovo syndrome’, which causes various health issues including motor skills and learning disabilities) and daughter Tia, and together the family advocates the inclusion of children with disabilities in sports and urges the community to embrace a healthier lifestyle in general.

From running marathons to triathlons and even soft-sand Desert run, all along with Rio, the family continues to push boundaries with their incredible grit, perseverance and dedication for their cause.

3. Hani Abdel Razeq

When Hani shared his inspirational weight loss journey, where he went from 140kg to 70kg, with Lovin Dubai, it resonated with many of our readers.

Hani was inspired from his friend who underwent a drastic transformation after he started his weight loss journey, and that pushed him to achieve the fitness level he has today.

Watch his story and get inspired…

4. Jamie Greene

Jamie, a former gymnast and rugby player from New Zealand, has taken the CrossFit scene in the UAE (and everywhere else in the world) by storm.

She moved to Abu Dhabi in 2017 to work as a coach for CrossFit Yas and has found immense popularity in the country. PLUS she is currently ranked in the 17th place in the WORLD at the international CrossFit Games that happens in the United States (she ranked eight in 2017). WOW!

A boss-ass athlete, she is our total FitSpo of this year.

5. Mohammed Faisal Al Qassemi

The young Emirati guy was literally fighting for his life when he began his CrossFit journey at InnerFight CrossFit gym.

Brother of superwoman and ultimate female fit-spo, Shaikha Al QassemiMohammed was nearly 230 kg when he started the weight loss process in the Al Quoz gym.

Thanks to his coaches as well as intense CrossFit training and healthy eating, Al Qassemi is now down more than 100kg. What an inspiration!

6. Lee Ryan

A Dubai-based endurance coach, athlete and a father started 2018 by making history when he broke his own Guinness World Record of “fastest marathon runner pushing a double stroller” at Dubai Marathon.

He, and his two beautiful daughters, finished the marathon in 3 hours 27 minutes and 11 seconds, beating their previous record by 33 minutes.

The captain of Adidas Runners club Dubai has only gone on to inspire us every step of the way.

7. HH Sheikh Hamdan

Saving the best till last, the reason why fitness and healthy living have become such integral aspects of Dubai lifestyle, and the pioneer of the successful Dubai Fitness Challenge…

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai is fitness inspiration taken next level.

From diving to obstacle races, cycling to running every day of the year, Fazza’s fitness levels are GOALS!


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