Proposals In Dubai Are Big Business… And People Go To Great Lengths To Make Them Happen


From ‘Will you marry me’ scrolled across the Rugby Sevens pitch, a flash mob at the Address Montgomerie to a woman sussing out her own proposal… Dubai wedding proposals are extra.

This week, I saw a photo of a newly-engaged couple beneath the Burj Khalifa. It was a couple of days after a sky-diving proposal in Abu Dhabi, and, sensing a possible trend of ‘post lockdown, we survived that, we can survive anything’ proposals, I got in touch with the company who helped create the Burj Khalifa set-up. Expecting this was going to be an article about extravagant wedding proposals in Dubai, the reality is actually very different.

Like EVERYTHING, marriage proposals took a back seat during lock down, but post COVID, the wedding business is booming and if you’re interesting in getting down on one knee and popping the question to your other half, there are people to help you do it. A tailor-made proposal will set you back anywhere between AED1,100 (for a personalised service) and AED80,000, the priciest proposal arrange by Proposal Boutique, a home grown Dubai company in the business of creating dream proposals since 2014.

“We’ve seen everything”

The founder fell into the business of bespoke proposals with her own magical story

If wedding proposals are about creating magic, Caroline, the founder of Proposal Boutique knows all about them.

For her own proposal she was taken to New York and whisked via limo from the airport to the grand Waldorf Astoria, the very hotel where one of her favourite flicks ‘Maid in Manhattan’ was shot.

The five day trip included surprises every step of the way, like a tiny box featuring two white porcelain turtle doves, a direct replica from the movie ‘Home Alone’, another personal favourite movie of hers, ice skating in Central Park and the Rockefeller Centre, dining in amazing restos with celeb chefs and a trip to see ‘Wicked,’ before the groom-to-be Tom suggested a quick walk around Central Park.

The park was empty, they walked for a few minutes and as she looked ahead she could see the grand Gapstow Bridge COVERED in candles. With the candles and the backdrop of a lit up Manhattan, Tom got down on one knee and presented her with the most beautiful ring before the pair headed to the Plaza for bubbles.

To add to the magic, (how is there MORE?!) the following morning, Caroline received an envelope in her hotel room which contained photographs of the two main characters from Wicked with their congratulations and autographs.

Tom had thought of everything. He had even been in touch with the mayor to ensure a section of Central Park was closed to visitors as the bride doesn’t like crowds. And while it is the dream, Caroline admits that the level of THOUGHT and attention to detail was the most touching part of all.

“Lots of people think for a proposal you throw money at it, but it’s actually about thinking about the things she loves and making it something she’ll never forget”

Everyone wants the beach proposal with the Burj Al Arab view… but it’s not about that

A business that started organically has now helped create some of the most extraordinary proposals this city has seen.

Caroline began by helping out friend’s boyfriends who needed a nudge in the right direction to create the dream proposal. She started to tailor make proposals and fell into the business.

Proposal Boutique doesn’t pay for marketing, but word spreads fast. On the very day the site went live, they had their first inquiry. It’s very niche, and a great industry to work in. They work mostly on intimate proposals.

She says lots of Dubai grooms have an idea of what kind of proposal they want in their head. Everyone wants the beach proposal with the Burj Al Arab view. But Caroline’s job means going a step further.

“It’s not about you at this time, you need to provide the very best day she won’t forget”

They fill rooms with the bride-to-be’s favourite candles so it smells incredible when she enters

In general, people who get in touch are prepared to be romantic. As part of the service, you have a detailed consultation, to get to know HER, (they’ve only had one lady ever get in touch to plan a proposal… but more on that later). It’s not about the proposer. Usually when people want the ‘beach proposal’, the beach hasn’t been a significant part of the relationship. The consultation aims to learn info about the lady, her favourite books, her favourite movie, childhood memories. 

This info, plus incredible Dubai venues and thoughtful extras, like filling the room with her favourite candles or revealing a painting OF the proposal mid-proposal are added in some cases to create a unique Dubai, glamorous effect.

A singer was hired to sing all of her favourite Disney songs while a magician ‘flew’ the ring across the room for the proposal

Proposals start from AED1,100. This option was the most popular during lockdown, where the team will fill a room with candles and flower petals and an easel with the words ‘Marry Me’.

“We’ve seen everything…”

From a rooftop proposal at the Address Downtown, to renting out the Montgomerie and hiring a flash mob, videographer and photographers, (this was the priciest proposal to date, at AED80k). Proposals at the Burj Al Arab featuring a Rolls Royce, proposals involving elephants and in one jaw-dropping setting, a love bird hired a whole floor in the Burj Khalifa, had a singer singing all of his love’s favourite Disney songs while a magician ‘flew’ the ring over to her when she arrived. This list of extraordinary proposals in just six years of business is endless.

“In Dubai, you get the most random requests, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can find what you need”

In almost all cases, it’s men who do the proposing. Just once, a woman got in touch

Proposal Boutique has a 100% success rate, but there have been some dicey moments. In one case, a hubby hired the entire Rugby Sevens stadium for his proposal. Mid-preparations, when five coordinators were using hundreds of metres of fabric,  to write the words ‘Will you marry me’ across the pitch. They had gotten as far as ‘Will you Ma..”, when the groom got in touch. There was a change of plan and now he needed the words, ‘Will you be my Valentine” instead.

According to Caroline, the bride got wind of the proposal, “she told me that if I’m going to propose today, don’t do it. She’ll say no.” The team ripped the fabric from the pitch and spelt it out again. The couple arrived to a beautiful picnic, they drank bubbly, the groom DID get down on one knee and she said yes!

In nearly all cases, it’s men who are doing the proposing. However, recently, a woman got in touch. Her hubby had told her she could have any proposal she wanted, so she was shopping around to create her dream proposal. She’ll plan the proposal, he’ll do the proposing.

“We love our job, no proposal is too little or too big”

The talented team are not too concerned about lavish or luxe proposals. They’re there to create special moments, to make dreams come through. Interested? Check out Proposal Boutique for more info.

Ps. There’s a ‘Drop A Hint’ feature

How funny/great is this?! If you’re dreaming of a perfect proposal, and waiting for your other half to propose. You can actually drop them a hint:

“We will drop an anonymous email to him saying ‘a friend thought you may find this helpful’. The email will contain a few proposal tips and a discount on our services to give him a helping hand.”


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