Adam Saleh Responds To People Who Say Fight Night Is Not Real


This Friday will see the first-ever YouTuber / influencer fight in the region take place.

The fight card features some of the biggest names in the content-creating community, lead by Dubai’s most famous teenager Money Kicks, Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher. It’s a fight card that equals an audience of millions and event promoters are pulling out all the stops to ensure this night makes headlines.

The high-value venue (Coca-Cola Arena, the largest indoor venue in Dubai), the entertainment (Fat Joe and Gugu Randhawa), and the big name fight card sets the stage for the future of influencer boxing in the region which looks promising thanks to an audience who’s hungry for it, and the potential money involved… When influencer Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather went head-2head, Mayweather boasted he netted $100 million, so it’s no surprise that content creators want to make this happen.

We asked Adam Saleh, “How do you respond to people who say it’s not real”? Zoom to 2.52 for his response

It’s about the smack talk, it’s about the pre-fight drama… and the public lap it up

It’s fight-tainment, that takes us right back to the golden WWE days which blurred the lines between fiction and reality.

What’s undoubtedly real is the internet clout that’s earned from a win. The passion from the fighters and the very real wars going down in the comments before the fight is enough to get the popcorn out. Money Kick THREW FLOUR at his opponment ahead of the fight. This is unheard of, but it racked out thousnads of views, and intense media coverage. These people know how to make content better than anyone, so they’re bringing the drama ahead of the night.

Influencer fighting will attract viewers from all over the world thanks to the massive fan reach these fighters have

Slim Al Baher, one YouTuber who’s taking part this weekend has friends and family flying in from all over to be in Dubai on Fight Night. He called this fight ‘mental warfare’. He said it’s not about the fight, it’s about getting into the fighters psyche months in advance.

Zoom to 2.39 when Slim talks about the reality of this fight situation

The Gloves Are Off and the battle is real, it’s doing down at the Coca Cola Arena this Friday

You can stream it on Pay Per View, or watch it here


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