Five Different People Were Scammed Into Renting Out The Same Villa In Abu Dhabi


A villa in Abu Dhabi was rented to five different people without their knowledge of each other and was recognized as a scam by the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal on Saturday.

Four Arab nationals, pretending to be Emirati, dressed up in traditional GCC attire and rented out the same villa to five different people to use at the same time

They dressed up in traditional attire to ruse the people into thinking they were the owners of the house up for rent. 

One victim almost got scammed of more than AED180,000

One man who was interested in renting out the villa after seeing an ad in the newspaper, was close to being scammed.

He met a man dressed in GCC clothing, who identified himself as the owner, to possibly negotiate a deal. 

The deal for the villa was negotiated to a sum of AED180,000 to be paid over three installments. 

All four suspects are being charged with real estate fraud, embezzlement, and false advertising

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