Here’s How To Live Stream the Mina Cup Finals Online For 3 Action-Packed Days!

Mayar Ibrahim

Footie fans, ARE YOU READYYYY?! The Mina Cup Finals 2024 is happening this April and this article will detail how you can catch every single match live.

Get ready to watch 3 days of intense matches of the Mina Cup Finals 2024 on homegrown streaming platform Smashi TV

The Mina Cup 2024 in Dubai is a top youth football tournament featuring the best teams. Held annually, it attracts clubs and sponsors worldwide, offering unique opportunities for all participants.

So, this is your chance to watch it all unfold on Smashi TV!


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Take note of all the important details!

Grab the gang, gear up, and get ready to cheer for your favourite teams ’cause the Mina Cup Final 2024 is kicking off in April for 3 whole days!

When? April 4 – 6

Where? Streaming live to you on Smashi TV

Watch it on Smashi TV!

Mina Cup 2024

Check out the full schedule of the Mina Cup Finals 2024

It will be 3 full days of non-stop action with players giving their all on the field, and every match will be available on live stream. This tournament is going to be filled with adrenaline pumping matches that you definitely don’t want to miss!

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