There Is A New Italian Restaurant In D3 Serving The Best Burrata In Dubai


“It’s not really cheese” my colleague said to me as a plate of burrata with tomatoes and basil arrived at our table.

This is something vegans or people on paleo diets who ‘don’t eat cheese’ tell themselves as an excuse to indulge. And it’s something I always make a cheese exception for. 

Burrata, is indeed a cheese, it comes from fresh Italian buffalo milk and is made up of mozzarella and cream. It’s the fusion of both those textures that makes it so excellent.

So, both of us non-cheese eating diners made our own excuses and tried the burrata at Larte…

LARTE in d3 is a new Italian restaurant that opened in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (near the Louvre) at the same time towards the end of last year. 

It’s a concept that originated in Italy, and much like Burrata and all of the brand items on display inside the restaurant, has a very Italian flavor about it. 

LARTE is part of a family of Italian brands, ALTAGAMMA group, displayed on the wall inside, that you will see infused throughout the restaurant
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It’s the best burrata I’ve tried in Dubai

That’s since about four years ago when the burrata at La Petite Maison set the bar, I’ve been searching for somewhere else that tasted as good. Conservatively I’d estimated twenty plus attempts to find an equivalent, and nothing came close as this. The ability of the burrata at LARTE to add the Italian flavor as the roots of burrata gives it the slight nod over LPM for me. 

Another thought crossed my mind while having lunch at LARTE in d3, is that the line up of restaurants there offer an interesting and slightly less affordable alternative to what’s on offer in DIFC. Although likely not to be as busy in the evenings and weekends, there are now six restaurants with alcohol licences in d3, so that may change soon. 

There are plenty more excellent items on the menu with many Italian classics

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You’ll find LARTE on the ground floor of building 10 in Dubai Design District. The cafe is open from 8am to 7pm and the restaurant is open from 12pm-10pm – Closed on Saturday


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