10 Things I Learned When I Interviewed Money Kicks AKA ‘Dubai’s Rich Kid’


Money Kicks was on The Lovin Daily this week!

Money Kicks aka Rashed Belhasa has been making international headlines for years, dubbed ‘Dubai’s richest kid’, Rashed has merch and milkshakes in his name, he also probably has the coolest car for anyone his age (he’s 19-years-old) and one of the world’s most extensive shoe collections.

For someone who lives an extremely wild life (Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Messi have visited his home) and splashes said wild life on YouTube, Rashed was impressive and smashed any preconceptions you might associate with a ‘rich kid’ with a genuine and unrestricted chat about how he’s passionately building his empire.

Here’s what I learned about Rashed Belhasa

10. He’s punctual: Money Kicks arrived bang on time (8.15am) and came to the studio in a Nissan Patrol

9. He does his best thinking in a jacuzzi

No joke. Money Kicks is an ideas machine. Truly. Starting out buying kicks when he was a young teen, (before shoes were the huge business they are today) Money started a collection. Then he moved to cars, content, social media, music and milkshakes. He’s also got a barbershop and a live boxing match in the pipeline. And yup, he does his best thinking in a jacuzzi.

8. This Wiz Khalifa video was his first viral video and what propelled the Money Kicks brand forward to create more content

7. He was going to be called ‘Rashed Sneakers’, but he changed to Money Kicks ‘cus it sounded better. He wasn’t wrong

6. People used to make fun of him about his love for shoes, “now everyone’s into sneakers’

5. He’s getting into fitness and is going head-to-head in a live boxing match with a big YouTuber who wants to fight him

He wouldn’t say who though… Watch this space!

4. New business gets him excited: He’s got a barbershop in the works

3. Prince Nassim is the one person who has made him starstruck

“He’s a legend, he’s a legend”

2. He gets regular marriage proposals

Pre-interview, we put the question on social, if anyone had a question for Rashed. People responded, ‘what’s his bank balance?’ ‘what’s the name of his hairstyle?’ but the most common request? Proposals! 19-year-old Rashed (and his family) get them all the time.

His response? “I’m still young, I want to live life”.

1. He was the first YouTuber in the region to hit one million subscribers

Money Kicks joined The Lovin Daily on Tuesday: Watch the full interview here

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