PICS: Dua Lipa Posted The Most Beautiful Pictures Of Her Visit To The Sheikh Zayed Mosque


Dua Lipa visited the UAE for the first time this weekend for her Saturday concert at the du Forum in Abu Dhabi and rocked out all her UK hits to thousands of fans. 

But soon after her concert, the 22-year-old Brit singer payed a visit to one of UAE’s most monumental architectural landmark, the Sheikh Zayed mosque. 

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A post shared by Dua Lipa (@dualipa) on Feb 25, 2018 at 11:09am PST

Her visit was posted on Instagram with the caption 

“Before our show in Abu Dhabi we went to visit the most beautiful Mosque. Such an honour. Thank you // shot by @pixielevinson

She stood on the ground of the Sheikh Zayed mosque amid the gorgeous gold pillars

Screen Shot 2018 02 26 At 12 34 58 Pm

She stood in the courtyard of the mosque showing the grand architectural details

Screen Shot 2018 02 26 At 12 35 09 Pm

She snapped a picture of the fabulous chandelier inside the mosque, which is decorated with millions of Swarovski crystals

Screen Shot 2018 02 26 At 12 35 17 Pm

Dua Lipa stood still while a lady covered her hair with a scarf as per the mosque’s guidelines

Screen Shot 2018 02 26 At 12 35 29 Pm

She ended her picture collage with a pan backdrop of the mosque in all it’s glory

Screen Shot 2018 02 26 At 12 35 36 Pm

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