Rory McIlroy Sets The Record Straight After A Health Scare Ahead Of Abu Dhabi Championship


Professional golfer Rory McIlroy has set the record straight after concerns were raised about his health.

After speaking about a slight heartbeat irregularity in an interview many believed him to be ill and unable to play.

He has now eased fans fears after a lengthy Instagram post explaining his condition and how he is fit, healthy and eager to start his 2018 career in Abu Dhabi next week.

He revealed he has an irregular heartbeat called a ‘flat’ or ‘inverted T wave’

In his post he questions why there was a big media reaction to his revelation when he believes “there really shouldn’t be.”

He explained in an interview with The Telegraph that the irregularity has developed as a result of a viral infection he contracted in China over 18 months ago.

As a result of this infection the tissue in his left ventricle has thickened and there is some scar tissue which is causing his irregular heartbeat.

He has assured fans that he is fit and healthy and ready to return to the game

Staying fit and healthy has always been a priority of McIlroy’s and he will continue this both for his career and the health of his heart.

He also revealed that he will have to get an echocardiogram every six months and an annual MRI scan to monitor his heart.

However, he has assured fans that it is nothing to worry about and he is excited and ready to start his 2018 season in Abu Dhabi next week.

The Abu Dhabi Golf Championship takes place on January 18 – 21.


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