Here’s Footage Of The ‘King Of Bollywood’ Shah Rukh Khan Telling The World Why He Loves Dubai


Shah Rukh Khan, dubbed the ‘King of Bollywood’ is no stranger to Dubai.

Whether he’s here for business, pleasure, or to catch up with Dubai royals you might almost call Dubai his second home.

Seriously, he’s here a LOT.

And now he’s explained why.

The actor and film producer has told the world WHY Dubai is such a fantastic location to shoot

The responses are as gushing as you’d expect

The video is further proof of Dubai’s status as a top location for movie sets

From Bollywood to Hollywood

Hollywoods’s biggest flicks have shot scenes right here in the UAE.

From Mission Impossible and Fast and the Furious 7 to Ryan Reynold’s upcoming flick (a mix between Deadpool and Mission Impossible) ‘Six Underground’ will be shot here in November.

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