The Art Community Of Dubai Shows How Creativity Cultivates Tolerance Among People


The annual themes of the UAE seem pretty obvious like they’re supposed to be something we, as a society should already be adapted to.

But, with initiatives that further push whatever the message is, all year long- it exemplifies what a community tends to overlook.

The Year of Tolerance is one such illustration of something a society tends to overlook, but everyone saw just how adamant the UAE is about spreading coexistence, understanding and world unity after the Pope was invited to hold a papal mass in Abu Dhabi.

The best way to show tolerance is through creativity, story-telling and understanding

Another excellent example of this took place at this year’s Art Dubai- wherein people from different nationalities came together to showcase their artwork, presenting a side to their culture that others wouldn’t frequently witness or try to understand.

For February, we explored romance; this time around we examine the perceptions, cultivation, inspiration and cultural awareness of the art world. We talked to art exhibitors, artists, and appreciators from different parts of the world to determine the extent to which creativity helps break down barriers.

Watch the full episode below:

It’s A Dubai Thing – Episode 3: Art in Dubai

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum himself

Even His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, has numerously expressed his local perspectives- sharing what he knows through the use of poetry.

He recently wrote a poem about his love for horses called ‘Dubai World Cup’, and it shows not just a side to the leader, but it resonates with a lot of the Khaleeji community.

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