The Kingdom Is Sending 26 Athletes To Abu Dhabi’s Special Olympics IX MENA Games This Year


Saudi confirmed that 26 athletes will represent the Kingdom in this year’s Special Olympics IX MENA Games 2018 held in Abu Dhabi. The annual Special Olympic Games is scheduled to take place mid-March, and a total of 38 representatives from Saudi are being sent to the United Arab Emirates. 

The event will take place from March 14-22

This is the 19th year in a row that the Kingdom has taken part in the Special Olympics game. The Saudi athletes will participate across numerous disciplines, such as: athletics, swimming, bocci, cycling, weightlifting, tennis and in basketball. 


More than 1,200 athletes from various parts of the world will also join 

The 1,200 athletes from 33 different countries will also travel to Abu Dhabi to join the MENA IX Games. There will be a total of 16 different sports that will take place throughout different locations in Abu Dhabi, like ADNEC, Yas Marina Circuit and NYUAD to name a few.

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The Special Olympics is a good initiative to promote inclusion in the region as well as understanding

Abu Dhabi and the UAE are looking to widen the opportunities for people with disabilities, and to promote inclusion and understanding throughout not just their emirate but across the region. 

How amazing.

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