A Study Has Revealed The 10 Top Destinations UAE Residents Travelled To In One Year


Sorry Lord of the Rings, Dubai is in fact Middle Earth, so us residents use the opportunity to travel… A LOT. 

And so you should, with endless travel options just a flight away.

Tajawal, a popular travel platform in the Middle East, released some data about the habits of UAE travellers who use the app and the results are not what you’d expect.

Unlike what Instagram will have you believe, data shows the majority choose to travel closer to home, which reflects the large volume of business trips and staycations people opt for in the region.

While 20% of flights booked through Tajawal are domestic and 80% are international.

The top 10 international and MENA destinations in no particular order

10. Dubai

9. Abu Dhabi

8. Cairo

7. Riyadh

6. Jeddah

5. Kuala Lumpur

4. Bangkok

3. Istanbul

2. Paris

1. London

The information is based information on user trends on the Tajawal travel app.

Tajawal Infographic Year 02@1X Low Res Web

You can check out the Tajawal here tajawal.com or the free app here


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