Typos And Spelling Errors On Signs Will Cost Businesses AED1,000 Thanks To New Rules


Businesses could now be fined for something as simple as having any spelling mistakes, typos or grammar mistakes on their billboards. 

Head of urban planning and municipalities, Falah Mohammed Al Ahbabi, issued the executive regulation of Law No. 2 of 2017 today, regarding billboards in Abu Dhabi. 

Performing any of these acts on billboards will result in the following fines: 

  • Any linguistic errors found – AED1,000 fine  
  • Using a billboard without a permit – AED5,000 fine
  • Providing wrongful information – AED10,000 fine 
  • Non-compliance with notices of correction or removal – AED5,000 fine 
  • Not making repairs after removing billboard – AED5,000 fine

This will apply to temporary or permanent billboards in public places.

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