WATCH: Take A Look Inside The New Hyperloop Prototype Unveiled At Citywalk


The Hyperloop is becoming more of a reality every day and soon we’ll be able to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in only 12 minutes.

The highly anticipated transport system has gathered worldwide attention and so far we have only had pictures and videos to satiate our curiosity into this driverless and futuristic train, until now.

Now you can see a prototype of a Hyperloop pod here in Dubai

Head down to Citywalk where the RTA have unveiled a Hyperloop pod for you to explore and get a sense of what the real thing will feel like. 

Unveiled as part of the RTA’s Innovation week they are inviting the public to come and see the prototype and to even take some selfies in order to win some prizes.

Here’s what we know about the Hyperloop:

It will reach speeds of upto 1200kmph.

5000 passengers will be transported every hour.

You can get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in a mind blowing 12 minutes.

The future is now people!


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