No Surprises: Will Smith’s New Web Series Just Dropped And It Starts With Him Skydiving In Dubai


Will Smith’s love for the UAE (and especially for Dubai) is rather well-known.

On more than one occasion, the actor has confessed how Dubai is ‘his favourite city on earth.’

So, when the first episode of his new web series, ‘Will Smith’s Bucket List’, dropped on Facebook Watch on the evening of Feb 27 — it came as no surprise that it was shot in Dubai.

The 22-minute first episode, which was shot back in October when the whole Smith clan visited Dubai, features the family ticking off skydiving from their bucket list.

The debut video has already received almost 20 million views

Sharing a short clip of the first episode on his Instagram, Smith informs his fans how his wife, Jada, is afraid of heights

“Jada’s afraid of heights, she doesn’t like flying, and she never ever would think that jumping out of a plane would be fun… but she agreed to do it. That’s love and this is my Bucket List,” he captioned the video

He is also seen towering to the top floors of the Burj Khalifa in the episode. His fans will remember this EPIC selfie that went viral

The finale of the six-part series takes a full circle and ends in Abu Dhabi, in which he tries out F1 racing with his eldest boy

“A little healthy competition? Smith and older son Trey head to Abu Dhabi for a one-on-one, winner-takes-all F1-style race. And who better to help than F1 champion Lewis Hamilton?”….the synopsis of the finale episode says


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