Abu Dhabi Residents Pour In With Positive Comments About The City!

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi residents pour in with positive comments, backing up how the city is good for the soul on this TikToker’s video. You read that right, folks rallied together to spread good vibes about how much they love the capital of the UAE.

TikToker @iamaseyat posted about how Abu Dhabi is a city that’s good for the soul

If you know anything about the capital of the UAE, then you know the city is definitely good for one’s mental health. Why? Abu Dhabi is peaceful and it makes you feel right at home! On the other hand, the city has a variety of activities and attractions that’ll get your adrenaline pumping from the theme parks in Yas Island to water sport activities. Abu Dhabi really has it all!


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Que Abu Dhabi residents pouring in with positive comments to confirm that the city is the best!

abu dhabi residents comments

Those are just a few of the comments Abu Dhabi residents left under the post…

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