An Emirati Vlogger SHOOK AN Entire Pinoy Audience At A Concert After Singing In Tagalog


A newcomer Emirati vlogger wow-ed thousands of Filipino residents in Dubai after being asked to go on stage at the KZ Tandingan concert, just a few days back.

The biracial vlogger of Emaratino Traveler turned heads and unlocked jaws after he sang a duet with KZ on stage- and in full TAGALOG.

Concert halls squealed due to the shock factor of a man in a kandoora knowing all the lyrics to the song.

The audience screamed in excitement as soon as he started singing in Tagalog

Watch the action start at 00:48 sec!

It all started when the man behind Emaratino Traveler pranked the singer during a press conference

Coming from a half-Filipino, half-Emirati background- it’s no surprise how this vlogger’s knowledge of the Philippines’ language came about.

But since his features exude more from his Arab counterpart, it wasn’t too challenging to prank the KZ Tandingan (who was in town for a concert).

He started by speaking to her in English, asking questions and giving her a gift then following it up with a sudden phrase in Tagalog- which shook the singer to her core.

Major LOLS

So she plotted her revenge right back and GOT him on stage at her concert

Ever since that hilarious press conference prank, the singer’s plot of revenge was to get Emaratino up on stage with her: to sing a song in front of THOUSANDS of Pinoy fans.

And that, in one of Dubai World Trade Centre’s halls, he did.

KZ became a prominent singer in the Philippines after winning The X Factor title during its first season in her country

…almost seven years ago! She now tours around the world, singing original and cover songs and creating nostalgic, happy memories for Overseas Filipino Workers everywhere.

Emaratino Traveler, on the other hand, is here to show the region about the peacefulness of co-existence and what it’s like being half Filipino and Emirati

The Abu-Dhabi-based vlogger often speaks in Tagalog, Arabic and English in his vlogs.

He’s definitely one to watch.

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