7 Things You Need To Know About Dubai’s DJ Duo Hollaphonic Ahead Of Their Fiesta De Los Muertos Gig


Electro-dance music duo, Hollaphonic have become well established on the international music trails, with guest appearances at the likes of Dubai World Cup, Yasalam After Race Concerts for F1, Creamfields Abu Dhabi, opened for P!nk at F1, as well as plenty of international festivals abroad.

Made up of Olly Wood and Greg Stainer, the duo are based in Dubai, and play all the coolest gigs.

They’re currently hot of a tour around Asia, particularly in Thailand, where they are the most popular international music act, with their music staying in the top 10 since December 2017!

They’re just been confirmed to play Fiesta De Los Muertos at the Autism Rocks Arena for Halloween, so here are a few things you need to know about the Holla guys.

1. Their first gig was opening for Seal…and he danced at the side of the stage the entire set

Playing at the Dubai World Cup at Meydan, the duo opened up in 2013 ahead of Seal, who apparently was a bit of a fan!

2. If Greg could only eat one meal for the rest of his life – it would be fish fingers, chips and beans

Seriously. Greg’s a rather fussy eater, which means he likes what he likes, and sometimes struggles with food while travelling abroad.

But note to self, he can make an apple crumble in four minutes flat (excluding baking time of course).

3. The two have only had one major argument ever…and it was about the placement of bullet points in an email

The two argued about the placement of bullet points – and were seething at the time…thankfully they got over it after a few hours.

4. They’re GIFs

Seriously, you can use them on Instagram stories if you so wish – everyone needs a bit of Hollaphonic in their life.

5. Greg once had to google himself to remember how old he was

We’ve all had those moments, but one time, while on a video shoot, Greg totally forgot – so they had to google it to remember his age!

6. Olly started life as a UK garage MC called AKAPELLA

A-to the K- to the A… and so on

It’s taught him well as he’s now one of the most popular MCs in the UAE.

7. They created the tunes for the Emirates inflight entertainment video ICE – you’ll probably know this one…

Hollaphonic will be playing Fiesta De Los Muertos on October 27 at the 117 Live Arena

Also announced to play are:

  • Nick Jonas
  • Gente De Zona
  • Chantel Jeffries
  • The Mariachis

Tickets available at 117live.com


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