Two Emirati Travellers Are Going On A Road Trip To China

Mayar Ibrahim

After an amazing journey from Abu Dhabi to London last year, two Emirati travellers are gearing up for their next grand adventure! Get ready ’cause Sultan Al Nahdi and Saeed Alteneeji are on a road trip from the heart of the United Arab Emirates to China.

Last year, two Emirati travellers, Sultan Al Nahdi and Thiyab Al Mansoori drove from Abu Dhabi to London

The trip was more than an adventure, it also served as proof of the Emirati passport’s strength. They showed that the Emirati passport is one of the strongest passports in the world! As it allows its holder to get into 179 countries visa-free.

The two Emirati travellers got into Sultan’s Toyota Land Cruiser and kickstarted their journey. They drove through 13 countries before reaching their destination – London, United Kingdom.

Two emirati travellers London

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This year Sultan is embarking on a new adventure with Saeed Alteneeji to China

Sultan got into his trusty orange truck, while Saeed followed behind in his Nissan Safari and kick-started their journey from Abu Dhabi to China. They’ve gone through Saudi, Iraq, and they’re now in Turkey. There’s nothing these two Emirati travellers will stop at and honestly, keeping up with their journey is amazing. So, wish them luck and follow along ’cause it’s going to be a roadtrip to remember!

Two emirati travellers China

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