16 Things You’ll Get In Dubai That You Simply Won’t Find In Abu Dhabi


We unashamedly love Dubai here at Lovin Dubai and we also love a bit of fun. So we’ve decided to list all the things that are amazing about Dubai that you simply won’t find in Abu Dhabi…because who doesn’t love a bit of friendly rivalry.

Agree, disagree or feel like a chat? Talk to us in the comments! Here are 16 amazing things that are truly unique to Dubai

1. The Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world – is located bang in the middle of the city centre

2. While an incredible 100km uninterrupted cycling tracks lines the city and the surrounding desert

3. There’s a beautiful new canal that’s stunning from every angle…

4. Tourists will never be bored with a number of amazing activities at their fingertips, like this one

5. This one…

6. Or especially this one…

7. And we can’t help but be proud when bringing visitors to spots as impressive as 360

8. Even though a sunset from anywhere in the city is pretty breathtaking

9. The variety of restaurant options here are second to none (We see you Pier 7)

10. And lets not even get started on the number of brilliant brunches

11. Nothing beats a stroll on any one of the stunning public beaches

12. And the free 7km public running track that lines Kite Beach is pretty handy too

13. The parties at Dubai’s beach clubs are off the hook

14. While Old Dubai still retains it’s culture and charm …

15. Crossing the Creek in an AED1 Abra is an experience you’ll never forget

16. And the Dubai Fountain show… because no matter how many times you see it, you will NEVER get bored


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