10 Of The Best Photos Shared On #LovinSaudi During The Month Of April


We ask people to tag #LovinSaudi on their Instagram posts and the quality of some of the pictures that crop up are truly impressive.

Here are the 10 best from last month (April 2018)..

1. Asir Region looking its absolute best. Look at those skies.

2. This person captured the magnetic energy of Riyadh

3. Taif never disappoints

4. What a timing! The symmetry and natural lighting in this one is undeniably beautiful.

5. The wonders of Jeddah

6. Abo Hassan’s Jizan photos always make us want to go there!

7. Mada’in Saleh tourist shots, as you do.

8. An eye-gawking shipwreck in Dammam.

9. Wow!

10. The old city of Al Ghat in Ar Riyad.


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