1000 Construction Workers Received New Clothes For Eid Al Adha

eid workers

Abu Dhabi City Municipality is spreading joy and fostering social solidarity with the launch of the ‘Eid Clothing’ initiative. As the Eid Al Adha festival approaches, the municipality’s Environment, Health, and Safety Directorate has taken a compassionate step forward to bring happiness to the lives of construction workers. The initiative goes beyond mere gift-giving; it aims to create a sense of unity and understanding among the community.

Abu Dhabi Municipality gifted new clothes to 1000 construction workers in celebration of Eid

The ‘Eid Clothing’ initiative is a celebration of humanity, highlighting the importance of communication, compassion, and togetherness.

The ‘Eid Clothing’ initiative stands as a shining example of a municipality going above and beyond to improve the lives of its residents

This heartwarming initiative involved visiting 100 construction sites across Abu Dhabi, ensuring a wide reach to various workers. The dedicated team from the Environment, Health, and Safety Directorate brought smiles to the faces of a total of 1,000 workers by distributing thoughtful gifts. These gifts serve as tokens of appreciation, symbolizing the unity and understanding that the municipality wishes to foster within the community.

While the ‘Eid Clothing’ initiative is centred around bringing joy during the festive season, it also presents an opportunity to reinforce occupational safety and health management systems in the building and construction sector.

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