107Kgs Of Drugs Confiscated And 6 Men Arrested In Abu Dhabi

Mayar Ibrahim

The safety of the people are their priority! As part of Operation Secret Hideout, Abu Dhabi police arrested 6 men red handed. The men attempted to bury 107kgs of drugs.

The Abu Dhabi Police arrested 6 men for the possession and attempted selling of 107kgs of drugs

Officials caught the gang red-handed at midnight as they attempted to bury 107kg of crystal meth and hash. In a statement, the police said the arrests were a part of Operation Secret Hideout.

They tracked the movements of the suspects for a while. Additionally, officials caught the gang redhanded as they attempted to bury the drugs.

The Director of the Anti-Narcotics Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police gave a statement

Brigadier General Taher Al Dhaheri said the police’s integrated drug control strategy enabled it to bust a number of major drug smuggling and distribution operations. Additionally, he stated the authority uses the latest technologies and methodologies to thwart the attempts of drug dealers.

The official explained that Operation Secret Hideout involved a rigorous security strategy. Moreover, this strategy enabled the police to nab the suspects. Despite the fact that they had previous experience concealing narcotics at several secret locations.

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