15 Memes That PERFECTLY Sum Up Dubai’s Summer HEAT!


15 Memes That PERFECTLY Sum Up Dubai’s Summer HEAT!

It’s HOT out there right now soldiers

But issa time to put on your big boy pants, giggle through these 15 Dubai summer memes, cool off and brave the outdoors once again

Just don’t forget to carry your deo while you’re at it!

15. At this point… does it even matter?

If you’re one to sweat BUCKETS then maybe a Cooling VaporActive Tee is the right way to go this summer!

14. Broken oven? Well this ought to do it?

Or just stay indoors, bake some cookies in your Black+Decker Oven and have a chilled night in!


No better way to deal with a car that feels like a burning oven than with these Heat Resistant Oven Mitts.

12. Yes, let’s look at the glass half full shall we??

And do a lil self-pampering with this Cooling Gel Eye Mask while you’re lazying around on your couch.

11. At this point… the cold side is hotter than the hot side!!!!!

Seriously, there is NOTHING better than to cool down with a nice can of Chilled Mocha Coffee after a deadly hot shower…

10. And the baton has been passed.

All thas left to do now is pat yourself dry with these Instant Cooling Quick-Drying Towels!

9. LOL if this ain’t true.

But sometimes it’s just a bad shower filter yk?? Hence, this Ionic Gen X Shower Filter that’s all things divine this summer.

8. The tears may be sweat, but the pain is REAL.

You can somewhat avoid walking into a burning oven of a car by keeping it protected with this Anti-UV Dustproof Windproof Universal Full Car Cover.


Just a whiff of cold air as you pass by a mall or building is all that you need to keep going.

BUT SERIOUSLY, just carry a Portable Hand-Held Fan with you already!!!!

6. God save our hair. Never a good idea to step outside with your freshly did.

UNLESSSSSS you have this Control Freak Serum with you! Making you an #UNSTOPPABLE goddess of Arabia.

5. NASA approves.

Don’t believe us… or NASA? then cheggit’ yo’self with this Celestron Telescope.

4. Uhh… ice cream anyone?

Make yourself some healthy home creamy treats with this Home Ice Cream Maker.

3. No amount of cooling is ENOUGH cooling okay!!

We hear you and we love you, that why we also suggest getting this Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic Air Purifier Fan.

2. MOOD for the duration of Dubai’s summer.

Just need to get myself one of these cooling Sun Loungers first!

1. But whether you like the heat or hate the death, there’s nothing like spending a nice summer break enjoying Dubai’s many indoor attractions!

And slapping on pumps of Sunscreeen all day erraday.

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