15 Poppin’ Songs To Vibe To This Summer

Mayar Ibrahim

As the sun shines brighter and the temperatures rise, people connect music and summer. This connection awakens a sense of joy and nostalgia during the summer season. Plus, there’s no better way to make memories than with songs you can vibe to… AMIRITE?!

Music has the power to capture the essence of the season. From sparking memories of carefree days spent basking in the sun, road trips with friends, and unforgettable moments shared under starlit skies. Get ready for some beachside tunes that’ll make you sway to the rhythm of crashing ways, upbeat anthems for outdoor adventures, and more.

Get those playlists out ’cause these 15 songs are a MUST listen to this summer!

15. If you’re a fan of Classic Rock songs, then this is the tune for you – Maria Maria by Satana ft The Product G&B

Dance the night away to the glorious beats of R&B and Latin-influenced sounds. This song also incorporates silky guitar licks, a love story, and the hallmarks of every Satana song. Thus making it a boppin’ summer tune!

Listen here.

14. If you’re ready to relax, turn up People by Libianca because this R&B Afrobeat jam is the one for you

Better days are coming, and that’s what this song is all about. So shake off that bad juju and get into the good vibes this summer!

Listen here.

13. Grab the gang and cruise the highway while singing your hearts out to Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus

Picture this: you and your friends are out and about in the mood to sing out heart outs to bangin’ songs with powerful lyrics… And in comes Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus. Now that’s a core memory waiting to be made!

Listen here.

12. You won’t want to turn this song down when it comes on… Queue Mona Lisa by Dominic Fike

Get ready for some Alternative hip-hop, rap and rock tunes this season! Dominic Fike’s Mona Lisa is coming in hot with beats to appeal to all audiences. Turn up this banger and get into the summer feels.

Listen here.

11. Sip on some refreshing bevvies, soak up the sun, and listen to the waves as you vibe to I Wish by JAE5 and Lojay ft Libianca

This is the moment to enjoy a captivating musical experience as you escape the hustle and bustle of daily life at the beach. There’s nothing better than a relaxing song with amazing beats to kick off your summer day.

Listen here.

10. Songs that feel like the season feel different this time around, and House of Kings by Sam Feldt and Tones & I is one of these summer songs

This song perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer. With its upbeat tune, this song feels like an embodiment of the season. Get ready for an infectious tune that makes you tap your feet to the rhythm!

Listen here.

9. Purple Disco Machine and Kungs is a collaboration nobody knew they needed and the song is a banger that’ll make this summer unforgettable

The song “Substitution” is a combination of the fabulous musical stylings of Purple Disco Machine and Kungs. It speaks of how some things simply cannot be replaced or substituted and it is by far a tune that’ll be on repeat for a long time!

Listen here.

8. A collaboration of pure art and deep-chill house music is none other than Back to You by Lost Frequencies, Elley Duhé and X Ambassadors

The different beats, frequencies and vocals transport you to a summer haven once this song begins. The song exudes chill vibes for the hot season and it’s a song that’ll leave you wanting to hear it over and over again.

Listen here.

7. Explore the universe as Jericho by Iniko transports you to an entirely different world

If you’re looking for uplifting and inspiring songs, then look no further because Jericho by Iniko will have you feeling like a baddie! Other than its uplifting lyrics, the song will transport you to a different universe with its glorious beats, vocals, and lyrics.

Listen here.


6. If you need a push to go to a party or to the gym, Push Up by Creeds is the song for you

The beat is motivational, the one-liner lyric makes you want to push yourself for the better, and the way this song is created is a head-banger! You can lift at the gym while this song pushes you or it can double for a bangin’ tune to dance to.

Listen here.

5. If you love Afrobeat songs, then this tune by the one and only Davido is the one for you!

Unavailable by Davido Ft Musa Keys has a beat that’s incomparable. It’s the song to dance the away to during summer nights with your friends or it’s the song to play by the beach as you sip on a refreshing drink and soak in the rays.

Listen here.


4. Get transported to the heart of Latin America through the beat of El Merenge by Marshmello ft. Manuel Turizo

This song may be about the heartbroken lyrically but the beat is definitely for those who love to dance! So, get those dancing shoes on and get ready to dance the blues away with this poppin’ song.

Listen here.

3. “Finally I feel better now!” That’s the lyrics you’ll be screaming out while listening to Up & Down by The Chainsmokers

This song is all about being around a crowd of people, listening to good songs, and jumping up and down to the beat of good music. What better way to get into the song than by doing exactly what it says while listening to it!

Listen here.

2. If you’re feeling those summer blues, All My Life by Lil Durk Ft J. Cole will lift you up

Get inspired by the stories of Lil Durk and J. Cole in this summer song. The message behind this song is powerful, no matter what you’ve heard from all your life you’re still standing and pushing through. This song shows you just how strong you really are.

Listen here.

1. Any fan of Europhia is aware of the songs on its soundtrack, but All For Us by Labrinth ft. Zendaya definitely stands out

The beat, the vocals, and the meaning behind it will send chills down your spine despite the summer heat! This song brings out authentic struggles to appease family and friends and it highlights how one might lose themselves all for the people they love.

Listen here.



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