15 Reasons You Need To Visit Bahrain Right Now


Bahrain, literal meaning “two seas”, not only neighbours its other significant GCC countries but is also home to the richest history of the Dilmun civilisation. The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands located off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

Not only is Bahrain rich in history, culture and strategic development, it has also been home to reportedly over 50% expatriates from all over the world. Much like Dubai, this makes Bahrain a realm of multiculturalism.

Here are 15 reasons why you should visit Bahrain at least once:

1. Closer In Proximity Than You Think

It’s around an 11-13 hour journey by car (if you’re feeling adventurous) but less than an hour away from Dubai by plane, making the travel convenient, quick and time savvy. You can even just go on the weekends and make the most of your trip by saving on flight hours.

2. Flights and Visa Are All Affordable

An entire weekend trip could cost you AED2,000 if you carefully plan everything out from flight, visa fees, hotels and touring. Probably even cheaper with a group of friends.

3. Bahrain is small but beautiful

It’s true you can probably check out all the tourist spots and malls in a span of four days, religiously. This doesn’t detract from the rich history and culture of the country.

Progressive Bahrain

4. Because… malghoom in Adliya

To the locals, it’s the greatest and most boastful feeling in the world to have the guys over at Zahlawiya or Haifa know your malghoom order: the vegetables you don’t want, tahina or not, beef or chicken and if you need the fries with it.

Malghoom has become a favourite meal or snack for a lot of people at any given time of day. You drive by, despite the traffic (sometimes), pay AED 5 for your malghoom and munch away.

5. It’s the best season and weather to camp out

Renting a tent in the middle of the desert, the most well-known one called Sakhir would cost you anywhere between AED200-500, and it’s worth it.

Think cold weather, wood burning, hot tea, barbeques and fun conversations with friends under the night sky.

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6. The locals and expats alike are friendly and welcoming

Surely the same can be said for any country, including the UAE, and Bahrainis are no exception to this. Bahrainis are known to be very hospitable people and will have no problem helping you out if you’re ever in need.

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7. The Tree of Life

One of Bahrain’s most notable landmarks, The Tree Of Life, is approximately 400+ years old and stands 32 ft high. The reason the tree sparks an aura of mystery is that no one is certain how it survives in the midst of the desert surrounded by miles and miles of sand.

With Bahrain’s weather usually 105 degrees Fahrenheit and going higher, with frequent sandstorms, people have drawn up different speculations on the tree’s survival. But to others, the tree has become a place for sentiment, and wonderment towards the tree that may be dated back to the Dilmun civilisation.

Tree Of Life Bahrain

8. Bahrain is home to a lot of great local talent

Some you may have even heard of or seen online. From comedy, singing, acting and modelling- there’s an abundance of Bahraini talent, and for a good reason.

There’s Ahmed Sharif, for starters, who is a Bahraini Instagram comedian. He’s worked with UAE’s Bin Baz on a couple of videos; you should check them out. Sure to give you a laugh.

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Ever heard of the song EE Laa? 1/2 of the duo involved in the track is Bahrain’s own Hussam Flipperachi.

9. Bahrain was once home to the ancient Dilmun civilisation

Heard of The Epic of Gilgamesh? One of the very first poems

Well, there has been speculations that Bahrain (then Dilmun) is thought to be the place where Gilgamesh travelled to seek immortality.

Bahrain Fort March 2015

10. Mohd Noor Bokhari… need we say more?

You say the name Mohammed Noor in Bahrain, and no questions asked, everyone,’s going to agree on it being one of the places everyone goes to for lunch.

It’s no ordinary mandi, that’s for sure. Try it for yourself and you’ll see.

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11. In 1932, Bahrain was the first country in the Arab world to discover oil

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12. Well-known for pearls and pearl beds since 2000 B.C.

“Before the Japanese came out with less expensive cultured pearls, Bahrain supplied 80% of the world’s pearl market,” according to USA Today. There are special pearl diving classes you can look into if you’re interested in trying it, as well as visiting the Museum of Pearl Diving (tickets sold at the National Musem).

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13. Walking through the souk in Bab Al Bahrain will have you draw in all the traditions and truly ‘homely’ feel of the capital

You can get great prices on spices, oud perfumes, traditional clothing, etc.

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Bab Al Bahrain Alley

14. Formula One takes place there too

Just in case you wanted to live the event twice a year, once in Bahrain, and then in Abu Dhabi.

Bahrain International Circuit Back Straight

15. Because the ‘American Alley’ will satisfy whatever food cravings you’re having

This alley in Juffair is renowned for its selection of restaurants ranging from Chinese, Japanese, local to Italian and Indian cuisine. It’s also a nice spot to hang or meet with friends and have coffee outdoors, maybe being the most vibrant area in the country at night. There’s also plenty of lounges, bars and cafes in the area.

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