3 FREE Meals A Day And Free PCR Tests For COVID-19 Patients In Abu Dhabi 


Currently, there are 25,148 active COVID-19 cases here in the UAE, and each emirate is pulling all stops to best curb the spread of the novel virus.

Abu Dhabi, in particular, has not only implemented a set of strict safety measures and guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus but the capital is also going well beyond to care for its COVID-infected residents and visitors.

From three FREE meals a day and free follow-up PCR tests to having a tracker watch around your wrist 24/7, here’s what getting COVID-19 in Abu Dhabi looks like:

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Residents who’ve tested positive in the capital are given 3 free meals every day until they test negative

Every morning at 11am healthcare workers drop off a box consisting of three meals. Patients have the option to choose from Asian, Indian, Arab, or International cuisines.

Not only that, but government workers further visit the patient every alternative day for trash collection.

The complimentary food boxes contain: 3x meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), 2x 330ml water bottles, 1x fruit juice, 1x dessert and 1x salad

COVID-warriors are given tracker watches and are required to have it on 24/7 until they test negative

Once an individual tests positive for COVID-19, it becomes mandatory for them to have on a tracker bracelet – given to them by the Abu Dhabi Health Services – at all times.

This helps the government to ensure that the infected patient is not breaching quarantine protocols.

Ensuing the initial PCR test that residents/visitors pay for from their own pockets, the follow-up PCR test in the emirate is free of cost for all those who have tested positive.

Along with that patients receive an SMS informing them of hospitals closest to them in case of mounting health complications, and are further provided with a toll-free number (8001717) to contact in the case of emergencies or with any COVID-related queries.

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Dubai residents are being urged to contact the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on 800342 (800 DHA) if they are feeling any COVID-19 like symptoms.

Please download the DHA or SEHA smartphone app to book your PCR test, or visit your nearest clinic for more information.

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