Mystery Solved: The Anonymous Buyer Of The $31 Million T-Rex Is The Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi

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Did you know that The Rock, Dywane Johnson paid $31 million on a replica of Stan, the T-rex? And did you know that the real skeleton suddenly disappeared after it was bought for $31.8 million in 2020? Palaeontologists were worried it was purchased by a private owner who could deny them access to continuing their research on the fossil.

Luckily, National Geographic came through with an amazing announcement regarding that exact skeleton of Stan.

Stan the T. rex has been found! The world’s most expensive fossil will find a new home at the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi in 2025

@ebrahim_ka @The Rock you need to check out the real Stan! 😎🤝 #uae ♬ SINGING WITH THE WOLVES – Anica

“Mystery shrouded the dinosaur’s future after an anonymous buyer paid $31.8 million in 2020. Now Abu Dhabi confirms a new museum will house the prized skeleton” The National Geographic website stated.

You read that right, Abu Dhabi will be home to Stan, the 67 million-year-old t-rex and it will be showcased at the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi when it opens in 2025

You will also find the 7 billion-year-old Murchison Meteorite, which crash-landed in Australia in 1969. It’s going to be like experiencing the live-action Night At The Museum but in Abu Dhabi!


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