5 Things You Have To Do In Al Ain If You Want To Get Back In Touch With Nature


This nature-filled, central oasis city almost close to Oman’s border has been a staple go-to for residents in the UAE. Known for being the ‘Garden City’, this city boasts SO many beautiful places to see and admire.

If you’re down for a drive, and a change of setting this weekend or the next- here are a couple of things you can get up to:

1. Check out the tombs at Jebel Hafeet

…it dates all the way back to the Bronze Age!


People often come here to relax, unwind or take AWESOME photos with family and friends. The drive to this place is, in itself, quite an adventure!

2. Al Hili Archaeological Park

Al Hili Archaeological Park in Al Ain features the largest Bronze Age site in the UAE that dates all the way back from the 3rd millenium BCE!

When you visit, expect to see settlements, tombs and other interesting things from the Iron Age.

SO so cool.

More info here.

3. Al Ain National Museum

Get to know Al Ain and its history a bit more by visiting this incredible museum, filled with historic artefacts that’ll defo give you insight into the city’s soul-stirring stories.

4. Green Mubazarrah

Camp out during cooler days, and relish in the true meaning of tranquility.

Don’t forget to chase sunsets while you’re at it!

5. Camel Souk

Al Ain’s famous camel market is only a AED30 entrance fee to see and play with adorable camels in the UAE.

Be in touch with the Arab culture, and see baby to adult camels up-close-and-personal.

There are mock races to see, selfies to take and SO much more.

Got any more?

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