6 Services For Emiratis Abroad You Didn’t Know About

Here are 6 services every Emirati needs to know about when traveling abroad to make your next vacation or travel experience hassle free and smoother than ever!

6. Round-the-clock passport renewal service

You can issue and renew your passports at the airport at all hours of the day, talk about super convenient!

5. Health coverage anywhere in the world up to AED500k

Unlike most insurance programs that oblige the insured to pay all costs, and receive compensation later; The “Musafir” program gives you super comprehensive health coverage world wide up to costs of AED500,000 per person per year, and is characterized by a direct payment system, so you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed later.

4.  “My presence” service

You can now download the “My Presence” service app or register through the ministry’s website (UAEMOFA) so that in case your passport is lost, damaged or stolen, the Ministry can issue you a new emergency passport abroad through the app!

3. Welcome SMS service

Traveling citizens will receive a welcome SMS for the country traveled to, if he/she activates their phone number from the authorized service providers in the UAE (“you” and “Etisalat”) which will then provide the traveler with the addresses and numbers of emergency telephone numbers for state representatives from embassies and consulates outside the country, in case of any emergency.

2. Inventory of countries that require visas

With a simple click you can find a list of all the countries that require visas or visa on arrival for locals.


1. Customized services for travelers

Whether its for tourism, education or treatment, you’ll be provided with customized services and guides tailored towards your needs to make your travel or living abroad experience that much easier.

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