64 Modern Heritage Cites Protected By Abu Dhabi

Mayar Ibrahim

Preserving the rich cultural legacy and architectural marvels of Abu Dhabi’s modern heritage sites is a paramount undertaking. Collaborative efforts between government authorities, local communities, and conservation organizations are essential. Especially, in implementing strict preservation policies.

DCT Abu Dhabi publicly revealed the first set of 64 modern heritage sites, requiring immediate and unconditional protection

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi announced:

“No demolition applications will be allowed for these buildings, instead, priority will be given for them to be maintained and rehabilitated in accordance with their designated grade.”

Below is a list of the 64 heritage cites:

  1. Cultural Foundation
  2. Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal and Taxi Stand
  3. Al Manhal Palace
  4. Zayed bin Sultan The Second Mosque
  5. The National Theatre
  6. Former Al Jazeera Hospital
  7. Sheikh Zayed Sports City
  8. Islamic Institute Complex (Former UAEU)
  9. Niqa Bin Ateej Water Tank and Park
  10. Al Jahili Eid Prayer Grounds
  11. Radisson Blu Al Ain (Hilton Al Ain)
  12. Al Khalidiyah Park
  13. Intercontinental Hotel – Abu Dhabi
  14. Al Ain Old Central Market
  15. Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tower
  16. Al Bateen Mall
  17. Radisson Blu – Abu Dhabi (Hilton Abu Dhabi)
  18. Hili Old Market (Shaabi Market)
  19. Zayed Al Awwal Secondary School – Oud Al Hassa
  20. Former ADNOC Headquarters
  21. Al Maqta Conservation Area
  22. Former Vehicles & Drivers Licensing Directorate
  23. Bida’ Zayed Central Souq
  24. Arab Monetary Fund Building
  25. Etisalat Headquarter – Abu Dhabi
  26. Federal National Council
  27. Saeed Al Kalili (Al Ibrahimi Building)
  28. Heirs of Salem Khadem Al Qubaisi Building
  29. HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Tower (Blue Tower – Union National Bank)
  30. Hamed Center
  31. Hamdan Centre
  32. Obaid Al Mazrouai
  33. Butti Al Otaiba Building
  34. Harib Tower
  35. Sheraton Hotel
  36. Le Méridien Hotel
  37. Al Ghaf Tree Park
  38. Airport Road Park
  39. Armed Forces Officers Club & Conference Centre
  40. Al Omeirah Building (Adidas)
  41. Al Hobbara Water Tank (SBY Island)
  42. Bida’ Zayed Pool
  43. Liwa Rest House
  44. Remah Rest House complex
  45. Salman Khalifa Al Mazroei
  46. Otaiba Building
  47. Mesaied Khalid Al Mansoori
  48. The Central Bank of the UAE
  49. Al Ain Vegetable & Fish Market (Shibrat Al Ain)
  50. City Terminal (Abu Dhabi International Airport)
  51. Abu Dhabi City Municipality Building
  52. Department of Economic Development
  53. Abu Dhabi Media Company
  54. Department of Finance
  55. Abu Dhabi Oil Co. – Japan (ADOC)
  56. Al Manhal Family Medicine Clinic
  57. Al Zaab Old Fire Station
  58. Khalifa Al Suweidi Building
  59. Elenco Building
  60. Former Al Dhafra Region Municipality Building
  61. Madinat Zayed Vegetable, Meat & Fish Market – Abu Dhabi
  62. Abu Yalee Mosque
  63. Al Ain Old Gold Souk
  64. Al Nyadat Eid Musalla

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