Your ULTIMATE 7 Item Netflix-And-Chill Starter Pack (Perfect For A Night-In Kinda Weekend)


Your ULTIMATE 7 Item Netflix-And-Chill Starter Pack (Perfect For A Night-In Kinda Weekend)

Netflix and chill 24/7?! ZERO complaints here!

Make your causal night in with your chippys and tele into night to remember with this quirky Netflix and Chill starter pack because life’s too short to binge-watch your faves without a life-size huggable baguette or a fancy Tumblr to drink away the pain of season finales. Amiriteeee or amirite?

Your movie nights are about to get a massive makeover fam!

8. This 2-in-1 popcorn popper and bowl is a MUST for a movie night. Perfect to hog all alone or for sharing with your whole famjam…

Promising review:

“Well, how easy it became to do popcorn at home. Fast and tasty outcome.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 78.00.

7. A Money Heist fan?! Then prove your alliance to the professor and his gang by donning this La Casa De Papel Jumpsuit every time you sit down in front of the TV to watch your faves

Buy it from Amazon for AED 52.36.

6. How darn cute would you and your roomie look twinning in this Adult Unisex Unicorn Onesie whilst watching a re-run of Friends or your other fave shows?! We think A LOT!!

Twinning in a Unicorn onesie is like the ultimate roommate goals!

Buy it from Amazon for .

5. Turn on the air-con and cosy up with this super soft Swaddle Blanket! You can choose from 10 vibrant prints, but my two faves are these foodie and Netflix themed blankiesss

Talk about draping the occasion…your friends are going to be soooo jelly seeing these fun blankies tossed over your sofa/bed!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 59.99.

4. Pinup a white sheet and project your movies on it with this high-tech VAMVO Full HD 1080P Mini Projector and have the cosy cinema experience from the comfort of your very own living room!

Who says staying home is a bad thing?! Save major bucks and be living your best possible life with this portable projector.

Promising review:

“Considering the price, this product is great! love the brightness and picture quality at 100+ inches. Glad to have bought this rather than a TV… Overall, I’m glad I made the purchase.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 499.90.

3. Have yo’self a makeshift cinema Nacho Cheese with this daaarnn affordable Jack N Jill Tostillas Chips (Nacho Cheese flavour) and seeing the price, I would stock up on these munchies big time if I were you hehe

Promising review:

“Very tasty nacho corn snack.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 3.50.

2. A Crushed Effect Diamond Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw is the solution to all things draankssss! It’s reusable, keeps your drink nice and chilled or warm, and overall the big size makes your life much easier by saving you from multiple trips to the kitchen for refills

Promising review:

“Excellent mug to use for cold and hot drinks. Easy to clean. Beautiful colours.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 65.00.

1. Drink up your smoothies and ice cream shakes with this Jumbo Drinking Paper Straws because sis it’s about time we got environmentally friendly! Say no to plastic and yes to biodegradable paper straws

Bring the glass all the way to your mouth during an intense scene is just too much work, so in times like those, straws are a MUST!!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 65.00.

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