A 2018 Video Of Maura From Love Island Has Resurfaced On Lovin Dubai’s YouTube Account


Maura Higgins has been a serious boat-rocker since she arrived on the British reality show Love Island.

(And sure, Lovin Dubai is a Dubai news platform, but Love Island was trending on Dubai Twitter all morning, soooo a post about one of the contestants to the highly-addictive (once you give it a chance) TV show is, in fact, justified… (Or just look away now if you’re not a fan).

And it turns out, one of the most talked-about personalities of this year’s series is no stranger to the UAE after eagle-eyed netizens noticed a video on the Lovin Dubai YouTube account posted in 2018, which has jumped in stats this week.

An ad for Monster Energy drink shot in Abu Dhabi shows none other the Maura herself looking like she’s having an absolute blast on the world-famous race track

Maura has been photographed in Dubai for Monster campaigns


And lived her best life on a dune-buggy in the desert


And all the recent comments recognise this year’s star of the show

American stand-up comedian Amy Schumer even shouted out to Maura in a video message this week


Watching Love Island drama unfold thanks to Maura like


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