A Khaleeji Man Who Was Accused Of Travelling Drunk On A Flight Actually Had A Heart Attack


Travelling on an airplane can be a risky business. 

You’re at a mercy of two pilots, several thousand feet above the ground. You can fall sick, terribly sick, catch cough and cold and sneeze all throughout the journey, or worse still- get a heart attack.

Something similar happened with a Khaleeji man who was accused of being uncooperative and drunk on a flight from Abu Dhabi…actually suffered a heart attack. 

A court has officially cleared the man of being under the influence of alcohol and disrupting the peace of the flight. 

His condition was caused by the broken AC on the flight

The crew refused to let him exit the plane three hours after its AC stopped working. They insisted he wait until the issue is dealt with. 

As the time progressed and temperatures rose in the cabin, he started getting heart palpitations and eventually fell unconscious. Two guards had to carry him off the aircraft.

The crew assumed that he was drunk and being uncooperative

The airline crew completely mishandled the situation by assuming that he was drunk. It was only after he was escorted and detained by the police, who saw his condition worsening, that he was taken to the hospital. 

It was there that was discovered that he had actually suffered a heart attack. 

In his statement to court, the man has accused the crew of mishandling the situation and risking his life by detaining him while he was suffering a heart attack.


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