A Security Guard Kept A Lost Sephora Bag Safe For Weeks

Mayar Ibrahim

Shopping is a form of retail therapy for most people, but it’s a tragedy when you misplace or lose a shopping bag. A UAE resident was shopping along in Galleria Mall on July 9, when she happened to lose her Sephora bag somewhere in the mall.

That moment when she realised she misplaced her Sephora Bag with all her new products:

@bloggerarchitect shared a story in which she returned to the mall 3 weeks later and her bag was found!

On her Instagram, she stated that she returned to Galleria Mall and went straight to the customer service desk. They directed her to the Lost & Found, where the mall security guard Mr. Bernard assisted her. After going through 3 weeks worth of lost items, Mr. Bernard located the Sephora bag and returned it to her safely.

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