Abu Dhabi Airport Has Released Travel Tips Ahead Of Busy Eid Week

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi Airport is expecting 2.8 million passengers throughout July to August. With 410,000 passengers over the Eid Al Adha week July 7-15.

Zawya announced that AUH Airport will experience a boost in traffic during Eid Al Adha and summer

Abu Dhabi Airport released a 7 point list of travel tips for Eid Week

AUH Airport’s first 3 travel tips advise passengers to be prepared

  1. They advise all passengers to contact their airline for the latest travel regulations and rules for their destination.
  2. Travellers should organise all the necessary documents needed before arriving at the airport.
  3. Passengers should check out Abu Dhabi Airport’s website to find where their terminal is located.

Abu Dhabi International Airport’s other 4 tips encourage passengers to remain comfortable and safe

  1. AUH Airport advises all travellers to give themselves enough time to get to the airport. They recommend them to arrive 3 hours before their departure time.
  2. All passengers should remain masked within the airport and flight for their health and safety.
  3. Travellers should keep themselves hydrated before, during and after their busy travel.
  4. Finally, everyone should dress comfortably for their flight!


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