Abu Dhabi Authorities Investigate Abandoned Cats In The Desert

Mayar Ibrahim

After a video of cats abandoned in a desert in the capital went viral, Abu Dhabi Authorities began their investigations. Animal Rescuers around the UAE brought the issue to the government’s attention.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport is in coordination with the relevant Abu Dhabi Authorities to identify any individuals involved

The Department of Municipalities and Transport confirmed that it initiated investigations into the incident of cats reportedly abandoned in the desert. Additionally, the department will take all relevant administrative and legal measures available.

The department stressed that it took all necessary measures to identify the series of events leading to the cats’ abandonment. Moreover, they stated that investigations are still underway. The DMT is working in coordination with the relevant Abu Dhabi authorities so they identify any individuals involved in the incident.

DMT also underscored that it values the sentiments of the public and communities. Moreover, it recognises the contributions of volunteers in responding to this incident.

Abu Dhabi Authorities ask the public to continue communicating with them regarding the incident

The department urges the public to continue cooperating and sharing any details related to the incident. In order to ensure that the recurrence of practices conflicting with DMT’s stance on animal welfare is duly averted.

The DMT calls on the public to report any cases related to animal welfare by contacting 800 555.

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