Top 3 Eid Fireworks Spots In Abu Dhabi

Malak Nazir

Light up your Eid celebrations

Get ready to sparkle and shine this Eid al-Fitr in Abu Dhabi! We’ve got the lowdown on where the night sky turns into a canvas of colors. Let’s dive into the fun!

3. Yas Bay Waterfront and Yas Marina

Prepare to be dazzled at Yas Bay on Yas Island, where the sky will light up for the first three days of Eid Al Fitr starting at 9pm. You’ll definitely find the best views! Just a heads up, parking is like finding a needle in a haystack here, so a pro tip would be to grab a taxi instead.

2. Al Hudayriyat Island

The sky explodes at 9pm on the first day of Eid at Marsana, but who says you can’t start the party early? From outdoor movies and gaming to live tunes and roaming entertainment, it’s a festival of joy! And for the snap-happy among us, get ready for a flood of Insta-worthy moments. Phones at the ready!

1. Abu Dhabi Corniche

Ever seen the UAE flag light up the sky with fireworks, music, and lasers? That’s the Abu Dhabi Corniche during Eid. It’s not just a show; it’s a tradition that dazzles and delights, wrapping up your Eid celebrations with a big, bright bow.

So, there you have it, folks!

3 hotspots for an Eid to remember in Abu Dhabi. Whether you’re all about the breathtaking pyrotechnics, the family adventures, or just here for the ‘gram, it’s time to make some memories. Let’s light up the night!

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