The First Hint Of The Artist Performing At The 2018 Abu Dhabi F1 Is OUT And People Are Already Freaking Out


Come November, The Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix bring some of the most biggest names of the music industry together at Yas Island for a weekend of revelry, stellar performances and really fast cars. 

This year’s Grand Prix will happen on the 22, 23 and 24 November, and even though it’s way ahead in future, the event’s social accounts have released the first clue of the artist who will be performing at the after-race Yasalam concert. 

Here’s your clue

It’s a pretty straight forward clue to say the least

Fans went kinda, sorta crazy in the comments

Image 1 Weeknd

Some of these responses were hilarious

Others gave their own suggestions


If the headliner for the 2018 Abu Dhai F1 is actually The Weeknd, it will be his second visit to the country, the first one being in 2015.

This first hint has officially raised all our expectations, and we can’t wait to see this year’s FULL lineup.

How about you?


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